Mena Aircraft Painting in Mena, Arkansas

Our Aircraft Painting Process and Procedure

  • Beechcraft, King Air with new paintInspect aircraft for dings, dents, corrosion, loose or missing rivets. 
  • Inspect flight controls, Windows, De-Icer boots, Propellers. 
  • Remove flight controls, inspect bearings and hinge points for excessive wear. 
  • Chemically stripped, or sand and paint.  All windows are covered with paper and foil.  All seams are covered with aluminum tape.  The landing gear and all plastic and fiberglass areas are protected from chemicals. 
  • Acid etched and washed to enhance adhesion.
  • 3 step prime, wash primer, 2 part epoxy anti-corrosion prime, high-build prime if needed. 
  • Base coat, three coats, Sherwin-Williams "Jet Glow" polyurethane. 
  • Cessna 182 with new paintApply design and N#.
  • Detail De-Icer boots, lines.
  • Inspect and clean windows. 
  • Paint landing gear.
  • Apply decals.
  • Balance flight controls and reinstalled by a certified mechanic. 
  • Wash aircraft.
  • Final inspection.

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120 Aviation Lane
Mena, Arkansas 71953

Phone: 1-479-243-9996

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